Trademark Registration by Company

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A trademark is a unique symbol, name, number, device or label, that a business uses to distinguish its goods and services from other similar goods and services in the market, owned by other businesses. It can be protected under the Indian law, and in order to protect the trademark from getting copied, the business has to get trade mark registered.

The process of trademark registration is done through various steps hence one should hire a expertises to get a trademark registered. The application for trademark can be filed by a person or a legal entity and it’s not necessarily important to file a trademark registration after using the mark but it will always increase the chances, if the mark is used prior, before registration.

Who Should Start this

1) Private limited company

2) Partnership firm

3) Any other entity such as society/institute/trust.


1. Legal Rights :-

Registering a trademark provides the company illegal right, and provide protection against misuse of any kind including copy of company’s name or logo. It grants the trademark owner exclusive ownership of the mark nationwide. Registering a trademark gives its owner an exclusive right to use it in varieties of medium. A trademark is excessively useful to prove the validity of Mark and the ownership in case of any infringement by a third party.

2. Recognition of the brand :-

In case of trademark, it gives the power to the owner, to create a brand value over a period of time. The products and services of the business are identified by their logo which creates a strong brand value, which pulls a large customer base. It helps in creating goodwill to generate more business.

3. Creation of Assets :-

A registration of trademark helps in generating more business over the period of time and hence, it is an intangible asset for a company.

Document Required

1. Documents required to get a trademark?
  • Copy of trademark to be registered letterhead with the logo of the brand name you wish to register.
  • Identity proof of the trademark owner. E.g: PAN Card, Passport, etc
  • Address proof of the trademark owner. E.g: PAN Card,Driving license.
  • Certification of incorporation and address of company

Time Lines

  • (5 to 7 Days)
  • Purchase of Plan
  • Upload relevant documents
  • Online Application of Trademark
  • Get Application Number

Service Covered

Pricing for what you want required service


  • Trademark Registration under one class (for small enterprise and proprietor with MSME registered)


  • Trademark Registration under one class (for large enterprise)


  • Trademark Registration under two class (for large enterprise)
  • Notes:
  • * This price is inclusive of all Govt filing fee and excluding GST amount.

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