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Salaried Employee

As the name suggests, Income tax is a tax imposed by government on every taxable income. It includes all the individuals, Hindu undivided families, companies, firms, or an association.... Read More

ITR Proprietorship

The income tax return filing for Proprietorship is also same as that of Proprietor. Under the provision of IT Act, all the Proprietors below sixty years need to file their ITR if their income exceeds 2.5 lakhs.... Read More

ITR Partnership

Partnership firms and LLPs in India are of various types. Especially in the case of partnerships, there are two partnership firms. It includes registered and unregistered.... Read More


Partnership firms and LLPs in India are of various types. Especially in the case of partnerships, there are two partnership firms. It includes registered and unregistered.... Read More

ITR Private Limited Company

There are various types of companies registered in India. It includes one Person Company, a limited company, and section 8 company. As per the Income Tax Act, all these companies need to file their income tax every year.... Read More

Income Tax Notice

Income tax notices are delivered by the Income Tax Department for numerous factors varying from tax return filing, addressing issues of tax return filing, or other occasions when the tax departments... Read More


ITR-1 form is also known as Sahaj form. Sahaj is a Hindi word that means easy. It is an income tax return form for any salaried individual having total income up to INR 50 lakh.... Read More


ITR-2 is an income tax return form filed by individuals who are not eligible to file ITR-1. It means the individuals who have incomes from salary, pensions, capital gains, foreign assets, businesses (as a partner), or other sources will file it.... Read More


ITR-3 is the income tax return form for individuals earning from a proprietary business or by individual profession. But any individual who is having income as a partner in a business firm or a profession cannot file ITR-3.... Read More


ITR-4 stands for Income Tax return form number 4. It is also known as Sugam form. The Sugam form is filled by the taxpayers earning under the presumptive income schemes under section 44AD, 44ADA, and 44AE of IT Act.... Read More


Income Tax Return form 5 is a form meant for specific entities. It includes entities such as LLPs, AOPs, BOIs, Artificial judiciary persons, estate of deceased, the estate of insolvent, business, and investment funds.... Read More


Income Tax return form 6 is a form for the organizations that are not exempted under Section 11 of IT Act 1961. All such entities can use this form to file their Income tax returns.... Read More


Income Tax return Form 7 is a form for the assessee those who must file the ITR under the subsections of Section 139 of Income Tax Act. The assessee could be an individual, partner, Hindu undivided family, or any entity.... Read More

Quarterly TDS Return

Tax deduction at Source is a process of collecting tax at the time of transaction. The government of India deducts tax at Source to ensure that the collection of tax propones and the responsibility diversifies.... Read More

Annual TDS Return

Tax deduction at Source is a process of collecting tax at the time of transaction. The government of India deducts tax at Source to ensure that the collection of tax propones and the responsibility diversifies.... Read More

Form 16 Issuance

As per the IT Act of 1961, any entity responsible for paying salary to an employee must deduct the tax at source. The tax deducted must be as per the rates on the payable amounts.... Read More

TDS Return In Case Of Property Buy

We can be the one-stop destination for a whole range of expert consultation as far as TDS return in case of property buy is concerned. TDS primarily is referred to as Tax Deducted at Source.... Read More

Advance Tax Calculation

Advance Tax under Income Tax Act can be simply understood as an advance estimation of total taxable income under the law and, thereafter, a presumptive calculation of the tax amount payable by the assesse for the relevant financial year.... Read More

Private Limited Company

A Private limited company is a business entity held by a group of people known as shareholders. Starts with aspirations of growth choose private company as- Difference between a Private Limited and a LLP.... Read More

One Person Company (OPC)

One Person Company is a company that is established with only one member unlike, the traditional manner of having two people. The concept of One Person Company was introduced in India through the Companies Act 2013... Read More

Partnership Registration

A partnership business is a legal arrangement by two or more parties to control and run business and share profits and liabilities. There are two type of partnership firm- A Partnership firm duly registered with the Registrar of Firm.... Read More

Proprietorship Registration

A sole proprietorship is an enterprise that is possessed and managed by one person, without any legal dissimilitude between owner and the business entity. And there is no compulsion that the sole trader has to work alone, they can employ other... Read More

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

A limited liability partnership (LLP) is a partnership in which all the partners have limited amount of liabilities and they are not responsible or liable for other partner’s misconduct or negligence.... Read More

E-Commerce Business

E-commerce businesses are the businesses that transmit goods, services, and funds through internet. These businesses vary in size and scope. Craze of buying goods online has made E-commerce businesses one of the most successful platforms.... Read More

Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)

HUF is an acronym for Hindu Undivided Family. A Hindu Undivided family comprises of descendants of a common male ancestor. It includes their wives and unmarried daughters. HUF comes under the Hindu Law as a family.... Read More

Public Limited Company

All the large scale businesses that deal with a huge amount of capital must incorporate as a Public limited company. In order to register as a Public Limited company, an entity must have at least seven members.... Read More

Producer Company

The producer company is usually a company that engages itself in activities related to primary production. Under the provision of the company Act, a producer involves himself in any activity related only to production.... Read More

Nidhi Company

Nidhi companies are usually the companies in Indian Non-banking financial sector that borrows and lends money between its members. It is a type of company that is recognized under section 406, company Act 2013.... Read More

Startup All In One Services

When you register your business as any kind of entity, you can find a long list of compliances to meet. It included compliances like:Book of accounts,Filing Income Tax returns,Filing TDS returns,Annual compliances and many more.... Read More

Trust Registration

Any Non-profit organization in India dedicates all its functions to help a social cause. It upholds the share point of view in society to help people. All these organizations usually use all their revenues to achieve their ultimate goal.... Read More

NGO Registration

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), is an organization that works for charitable, non-profit and for social welfare purposes for the benefit of large group of people.... Read More

Cooperative Society

A cooperative society is a non-profit organization. It can also be defined as the association of people to meet their common economic, cultural, and social needs. It is an association that is controlled democratically.... Read More

Section 8 Company

All the Non-profit organizations in India can be registered as a Trust by implementing a Trust Deed. They can also register as a society under the registrar of society or Non-profit Company under Section 8 Company of the companies Act, 2013.... Read More

Project Office Registration

As per the company Act, any foreign company is liable to set up a project office in India if the government or private sector has assigned it a project. But the project must execute in India. The project offices can be permanent or temporary.... Read More

Branch Office Registration

Any foreign entity can expand its business in India. But before commencing any business, they need to set up a branch office. A branch office is a part of the foreign company that operates similar activities to the parent company.... Read More

Liaison Office Registration

A Liaison office is a place that represents the principles of the foreign company. It works as a body that understands and explores various factors for the growth of the parent company.... Read More

Indian Subsidiary

The expansion of Indian market has made it a global market for many companies around the world. Thus, a lot of foreign companies are showing interest in starting their operations in India.... Read More

Digital Signature Certificate

A dsc is a document that creates a proof of identity of the person who sends documents through internet. As the handwritten signature creates a proof of identity of the signee in the case of a paper document.... Read More

Permanent Account Number (PAN)

A permanent account number is an identification number provided by the income tax department. This is a unique number allotted to each person who are either liable to pay tax or buying any assets which needs PAN. In some of the financial... Read More

TAN Registration

In India, a Tax deduction Account Number or Tax collection Account Number is a 10 digit alphanumeric number compulsorily issued, to any business organization or individual that is required to deduct or collect taxes .... Read More

Import and Export Code

Import export code number is a unique 10 digit code number issued by government of India. If a person is interested in making imports and exports then it is mandatory for him to apply for an import-export code number.... Read More

MSME / UDYAM Registration

The Govt of India has enacted the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development (MSMED) Act, 2006 to support and promote small and medium business. There are various multiple benefits available to registered enterprises under MSMEs.... Read More

Professional Tax

Professional Tax is a tax that the state government collects from salaried individuals working in government or private entities. It is also applicable for chartered accountants, lawyers, doctors, and many other professions.... Read More

Employee Provident Funds

Employees Provident Fund or EPF primarily is a scheme put into action by the ‘Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952.... Read More

Employee State Insurance

The focus on human resource management has been through consequent improvements over the course of recent years. Many legal precedents have been tailored to ensure safeguards for employee rights and provide economic and social security for them.... Read More

FSSAI Registration

According to the FSSAI Act, 2008, any entity that runs a food product business must have FSSAI registration. The food license registration certificate ensures the quality and purity of food in India.... Read More

Shop And Establishment Act

The main objective behind the registration of Shop and Establishment Act is to provide uniform benefits to the employees working in various establishments. Whether you are a small business or a big entity.... Read More

Proprietorship To Partnership

Sole Proprietorship is the most preferred choice for small businesses. It is easier to start and operate and ideal for small businesses with limited budgets and operations. The name clearly suggests that a sole proprietorship has only one owner.... Read More

Proprietorship To LLP

Growth is one of the prominent requirements for a business. Limited Liability Partnership, also known generally as LLP, is a prominent alternative for achieving the vision for an organization’s growth.... Read More

Proprietorship To OPC

Single person venture is a greater and advanced form of sole proprietorship company. One person companies are the perfect organization model for mid-level business. Single person venture is an enhanced and smarter form of sole proprietorship .... Read More

Proprietorship To Pvt. Ltd. Company

It’s simply impossible for a sole proprietorship to avail the entire advantage of the functionalities as it expands. This is the reason that the need to convert the proprietorship to Pvt Ltd Company is highly felt.... Read More

Partnership To LLP

When it comes to business, India offers you diverse options. There are many forms of business that you can find, like partnerships, LLPs, private limited, public limited, and many more.... Read More

Partnership To Pvt Ltd Company

Grow your business strength with greater financing, credibility, and safety upon turning to Pvt. Ltd Company.... Read More

LLP To Pvt. Ltd. Company

A lot of businesses in India start as a Limited Liability Partnership or LLP. But with passing time, all of these companies want to convert themselves from LLP to Limited Company. Conversion of LLP to private limited offers more growth .... Read More

OPC To Pvt. Ltd. Company

Turning One Person Company to a Private Company can widen the scope of enjoying greater advantages, specifically of fund generation. An OPC can turn off its own simply post a couple of years of its establishment.... Read More

Pvt. Ltd. Company To LLP

LLP model is advantageous for both the partnership, as well as the companies. Hence, upon turning the company to LLP, the business enjoys significant functional flexibility.... Read More

Pvt. Ltd. Company To Public Ltd. Company

The alteration of a private limited to public limited organization presents you new possibilities. It is mainly in the form of accessing the market and fundraising. A company can increase its capital through public investments.... Read More

Goods and Service Tax Registration

Goods And Service tax is one of the biggest tax reforms in India. It has through, it`s simplistic format, largely effect the way of doing business and also increased the taxpayer base in India by including small business in India.... Read More

Amendment In GST Registration

GST registration amendment might be felt essential in specific occasions, where flawed detail regarding the taxable person under GST is kept updated within the portal of GST.... Read More

GST Registration by Foreigner

A non-resident or non-Indian taxable person is a person or business or NGO organization, who has no fixed place of business or residences in India. And doesn`t regularly undertake transaction involving supply of goods and services... Read More

Temporary GST Registration

Casual Business means participate in short term business like trade fair or any exhibition. There is a special treatment for casual taxable person under GST.... Read More


GST Return is usually a document that contains all the details of income that a taxpayer needs to file. The GST Return is used by tax authorities to compute your tax liability.... Read More


GSTR 3B is a return form introduced by Central Board of Indirect Taxes. It is a return form to be filed for the month of July and August. As per the GST regime, every business in India must have to file a separate GSTR 3B form for each GSTIN.... Read More

GSTR 1 And 3B

GST Return is usually a document that contains all the details of income that a taxpayer needs to file. The GST Return is used by tax authorities to compute your tax liability.... Read More


GSTR 4 is a GST return form that can be filed by the composition dealer. The Composition Dealers are different from all other taxpayers. Unlike other Taxpayers, the composition dealer doesn’t need to file three months return.... Read More

GST Quarterly Return

GST Return is usually a document that contains all the details of income that a taxpayer needs to file. The GST Return is used by tax authorities to compute your tax liability.... Read More

GST Annual Return

A GST annual return is a document that contain details of the part of income paid to the tax administrative authorities, annually by a taxpayer.... Read More

GST Eway Bill

GST EWay Bill is a document used to track the goods in transit. The EWay bill was introduced under the goods and service tax. As per the GST regime, any individual who is registered under goods and service tax has to pass an EWay Bill.... Read More

GST LUT Filing

LUT is an acronym for Letter of Undertaking. It is a document that the exporters can file to export goods and services without paying any tax. As per the new GST regime, all exports subjected to IGST can claim a refund against the tax paid.... Read More

GST Input Tax Credit Reconciliation

Reconciliation under GST is usually matching all the data filed by the suppliers to the data filed by recipients. It includes all the transactions made during the period. Reconciliation in GST ensures that no sales are omitted wrongly.... Read More

GST Refund

There is no doubt that the provisions made related to GST are favorable to all the individuals. The new GST return filing is a lot more smooth and easier. An export made under GST is also known as the NIL supply.... Read More

GST Registration Cancellation

Canceling a GST registration in India is a not tedious job. A GST registration obtained in India is easy to cancel by the registered person. Even the GST officer or legal heirs can also cancel the registration.... Read More

Contract Labour Compliance

In current scenario as well as in business arena, it is the most preferred aspect. Employers from different domains are dependent upon this workforce for sustaining, and as Principal Employers, they must take superior care upon engaging contractors... Read More

Pvt. Ltd. Company Compliance

The companies law, 2013, states that the registrar of companies (ROC) is the sole office liable for administering the companies. It will make sure that all the compliances and statutory requirements are furnished as per the MCA. When it comes to a... Read More

Establishment Factory Compliance Services

We fulfill thorough compliance services beginning from registration of any establishment to deal with the Government professionals` reviews. We provide complete support for the companies in obtaining requisite relaxations for unaffected business f... Read More

Audit and Consultation

Establishing a business in different parts of the globe demands a good knowledge of legal aspects in various rules and regulations. The utilization of resources meant for observance has turned things challenging. We deliver Consultation and Audit... Read More

Payroll Compliance Services

The company might confront with financial issues, and threats of prosecutions, as well as IR issues, might appear. Even little non-compliance may lead to noteworthy damage to brand value. We being enriched with massive experience, skill, and Pan-In... Read More

LLP Compliances

An LLP (limited liability partnership) in an enlisted body. It is a partnership company in which all partners or some of them have limited liabilities. One positive point of this LLP is that one person will not be liable or accountable for the... Read More

Proprietorship Compliances

Proprietorship firms need to maintain compliances as like registered companies or LLP. Along with that, a proprietor firm needs to comply with GST, Income tax, PF, ESI, TDS regulation, etc. In case of a sole proprietorship, one person is the owner... Read More

Partnership Compliances

A partnership is one of the necessary forms of any business organization where two or more than two people have come together in the motive of a business. Those partners share all profits as well as losses jointly. In case of any liability occurs... Read More

OPC Compliances

The laws in the Company’s Act state that any Individual in India can establish a one-person company. They can act as a shareholder and a director at the same time. Forming a one-person company also offers many benefits in India. As per the company... Read More

Annual MCA Company Filing

Any company registered in India, whether they are private limited or a single person company, must file their MCA returns. But filing an MCA return is not decision of one individual.... Read More

Annual MCA LLP Filing

An LLP is separate from all its partners and has perpetual succession. Thus, as an LLP, a company needs to ensure its active status by regular filing with the ministry of corporate affairs. Any LLP registered in India must file annual filings with... Read More

XBRL Conversion

We own a devoted team for XBRL conversion service that includes experts in the concerned domain. Many top corporate houses depend upon us to have their financial statements turned in XBRL form as per given taxonomy and business norms.... Read More


A director or an authorized partner of any venture is essential to fill DIR3-eKYC form.... Read More

PF Returns

PF is an acronym for Provident Fund. It is a social security system introduced to promote the idea of savings among the employees. The sole purpose of introducing PF was to make the employees self-dependent after retirement.... Read More

ESI Returns

ESIC is the acronym for Employee State Insurance Corporation of India. It is a multi-featured social system that provides socio-economic security to the employees. This system also provides security to the family of the workers.... Read More

Change In Company Name

A company’s name can be changed at any time post its establishment by the promoters.... Read More

Change In Company Object Clause

With time many companies make strategic changes and expansions. They may perform new activities. But before commencing new activities, all the companies have to update their new activities in the MOA.... Read More

Change In Company Registered Offices

A registered office of any entity is where all the communications related to the company are sent. Any entity in India can have various offices like branch office, Administrative office, corporate office, and factory.... Read More

Add In Directors

According to the Companies Act, a director is a person chosen by the stakeholders. Director manages all the affairs of the company as per the MOA and AOA.... Read More

Removal Of Directors

The directors are in charge of the management and the functioning of the company. And the directors are appointed by the company through the general meeting.... Read More

Change In LLP Agreement

LLP agreement is a legal contract that controls the LLPs and their operations. All the partners in a limited liability partnership must obey the clauses of the Agreement.... Read More

Change In Authorised Capital

Issuing new share and increasing the authorized share capitals or, By transferring the shares from existing stakeholders to new.... Read More

Company Share Transfer

If any private limited company wants to recruit new investors or shift the private limited company`s ownership,then the share of the private limited company would have to be shifted.... Read More

Closure Of LLP

The limited liabilities partnerships are a new form of entity introduced in India under the LLP Act 2008. The LLPs in India are exempted from the audit.... Read More

Closure Of Pvt Ltd Company

Running a Private Limited Company comes with its own compliances. A private limited company is an artificial judicial person. It requires meeting various compliances to run smoothly.... Read More

Closure of OPC

If anyone person company is inactive for more than one year from the date of registration, then the owner of the company can easily apply for the closure of a one-person company.... Read More

Closure of Partnership Firm

A partnership firm in India is an entity that has sole purpose of having profit from the business. In a partnership firm, two or more than two parties collaborate with a legal agreement to establish a business.... Read More

Book Keeping and Accountancy

Regular recording of business transactions is one of the essential parts of a business. From having an income of INR 1 to an expense of thousand rupees, tracking every transaction ensures transparency in the business.... Read More

Account Receivable (OTC)

Account receivables are the outstanding invoices that a company has for the goods or services provided. It is usually a short-term debt made by the customers. The customers pay these amounts in a few days.... Read More

Account Payable (P2P)

Accounts payable is usually a short-term debt payment that needs to be paid to avoid being a defaulter. It is treated as a liability as a company purchases goods on credit and needs to pay it back.... Read More

HR and Payroll

Our specialized HR and Payroll service includes managing personnal expense like salary, OT payment, expenses reimbursement, Issuance of Pay slips, Depositing Payroll related Taxes and Employee Contributions... Read More

Employee Reimbursement

5 issues confronted by companies in its method of Employee Reimbursement... Read More

Fixed Assets Register

The aspects of managing business growth were ultimately confronted by whole successful small ventures during their set-up. Business growth is the state of a venture’s tenure that is packed with scopes and threats.... Read More

Startup Book Keeping And Compliance

Regular recording of business transactions is one of the essential parts of a business. From having an income of INR 1 to an expense of thousand rupees, tracking every transaction ensures transparency in the business.... Read More

Trade Mark Registration for Company

A trademark is a unique symbol, name, number, device or label, that a business uses to distinguish its goods and services from other similar goods and services in the market, owned by other businesses.... Read More

Trade Mark Registration for Individual

A trademark is a unique symbol, name, number, device or label, that a business uses to distinguish its goods and services from other similar goods and services in the market, owned by other businesses.... Read More

Copyright Registration

A significant increase in registration of intellectual property has been witnessed in India mostly due to the growing level of awareness among people regarding regulations of intellectual property laws and the availability of high-end technicalitie... Read More

Design Registration

Design registration states that the registration is mandatory for any product design. All these activities are performed under the Design act 2000.... Read More

Patent Registration

In India, patent registration is given for any kind of invention work. However, it doesn’t include all types of inventions; it must fulfill specific criteria to get a patent in India.... Read More

Trademark Objection

Every Business has a unique word or visual symbol that distinguishes it from other goods. But this symbol or word can be used by some other entity as well.... Read More

Trademark Opposition

During the trademark application stage, a trademark application filed by an applicant can be obstructed by any person for various reasons. The person filing the opposition need not have any commercial or personal interest in the matter .... Read More

Trademark Renewal

A trademark is a special identifying assets that is used by a business to distinguish its goods and services from other similar goods and services from different businesses. The trademark symbols, logos,labels , and names are represented with “R".... Read More

Offer Letter

An offer letter is a formal way of making a job offer to a person by a company post completion of the selection methods.... Read More

Appointment Letter

An appointment letter is primarily the one given by the company to someone for professionally appointing him in the company. This is given post the concerned person accepts the job offer and thus is being considered as an employee.... Read More

Residential Lease Deed

A residential lease agreement is also known as a rental agreement. It is a legal document that states the terms and conditions under which the rented property is leased out. These terms and conditions are followed by the landlord and the tenant.... Read More

Commercial Lease Deed

This lease deed has been prepared for the purpose of renting commercial properties. It primarily is a legal document that puts certain norms as per which the concerned property is put for lease.... Read More

Notice for Vacant Property

A notice to vacate the property is a legal document. It gives legal Notice to the tenants to vacate the leased property. It may be the premises or the whole property; this Notice gives a stipulated time to all the tenants vacate.... Read More

Lease agreement

A lease agreement is a formal contract between a landlord and tenant that establishes the duration and rental cost of a property. The written agreement also describes the responsibilities of both the landlord and tenant, as well as the... Read More

Non Disclosure Agreement

An NDA primarily is an agreement of confidentiality as per which the parties associated show their consent over not revealing the ‘Confidential Information’ fulfilled by the agreement.... Read More

Agreement for sale of property

An Agreement for sale of Property is created by the parties to the sale of a specific property to the buyer being transferred to the buyer. The purpose of sale agreement is made with the objective of laying... Read More

Joint Venture Agreement

Joint Venture comes in picture when two or more independent entities comes forward to join hands together in a specific project for a new or existing business without losing their independent legal identities creates an agreement... Read More

Partnership Deed

Partnership, when two or more parties or entities decides to undergo a business activity through the mode of partnership deed, they will have to make an partnership agreement that shall decide upon the profit, assets and liability sharing between... Read More

Hire Purchase Agreement

As per Hire Purchase Agreement, the owner hires goods to the hirer with an option to purchase the goods when he has made the payment of a certain sum. Under this system, the purchaser who is not able to pay the full amount of the asset at one go... Read More

Agreement To Mortgage

A mortgage agreement is the contract under which the borrower agrees that they will relinquish their claim to the property if they are unable to pay their loan on time or in the extended period. The mortgage agreement is not actually a loan,... Read More

Purchase Order

A purchase order or PO primarily is a commercial document that contains details of products and services from the perspective of the buyer. This is the initial official offer issued by a buyer for a seller detailing product/service type, amount etc... Read More

Cheque Bounce Notice (Sec 138)

Section 138 notice is also known as Cheque bounce notice. It is a legal notice sent to the defaulters who fail to pay through the Cheque. The beneficiary uses this notice when a cheque bounces or payment is not received.... Read More

No Objection Certificate

A no-objection certificate is a legal contract. It may be issued by an organization, institute, or any individual stating that they have no objections to details mentioned in the contract.... Read More

Gift deed

The purpose of Gift Deed is giving and receiving any cash or kind gift is considered as a way of expressing love and it is enjoyed by both the parties. However in order to make a gift in a proper way, the donor of the gift has to create a gift deed... Read More

Power Of Attorney

There are various reasons for such cases as living abroad, ill, old, and many more. In such cases, the transactions in the business demand the presence of the owner. This is where the Power of attorney must be created.... Read More

Partition Deed of HUF

Partition of HUF is notional division of properties among the members of the family and the joint ownership of property comes to an end. However, for an effective partition, it is not necessary to divide the properties in actual. But under tax laws... Read More


Will deed created by a person expressing his future desire on how his properties have to be shared after his death to avoid any dispute among the family members. Generally, a person makes a will deed when he does not want to follow any outside law... Read More

Other Agreements

Any other type of agreement related to business process or related to family dispute. You may contact us.... Read More

Basic Startup Compliance Checklist

Are you thinking of quitting your full-time job and take a plunge by starting your own business? Well, deciding to start a business is not an easy task. If you have adequate knowledge about the business, funds, and required plans, then you can set... Read More

Tax-Exemption Under Section 80IAC

An acknowledged startup from the inter-ministerial board is considered as an entitled venture to be given tax relaxation. Their business needs to be associated with creativity, development, and utilization of fresh products, services, and methodolo... Read More

DPIIT Registration Process

The government of India initiative called Startup India scheme aims to help businessmen and widen scope for job creation through G2B Portal. G2B means Government to business portal primarily is a platform in which online applications are filled-in... Read More

Startup Recognition And Its Benefits

A startup in India is usually a freshly started business established by one or a group of individuals. Now, what’s the difference between a startup and other businesses? Every business starts someday. Well, a startup comes up with a unique product... Read More

What is Esop for Startups

Latest reports suggest about significant growth rate of Indian start-ups. It demands strategic utilization of the resources to empower the team. In an extremely competitive scenario, it is essential to offer lucrative deals for retention of key emp... Read More

Overview of Startup Eco System

With a noble aim of encouraging start-ups, generating employment, and boosting economy, Indian startup scheme has been introduced by the government of India. In general, the start-up network is based on establishing an intuitive... Read More

Business Expansion Through Startup India

India is a massive country located in the heart of South Asia. With a population of approx 1.350 billion, India is the second-most populous country in the world. When it comes to a geographical area, India rules as the seventh-largest country... Read More

Efficient Ideas For New Startup

Startups in India are small enterprises that always aim to progress. The startups observe the way of strategizing a business from various settled organization to build a kingdom of its own. As the Government of India is coming with various... Read More

Startup Funding

The startup India scheme is a special government program that helps new entrepreneurs to nurture their business. This scheme offers all assistance types to the entrepreneurs who aim to develop a new product that will boost the country`s economy.... Read More

What is Startup India

In a start-up, the main character is fund generation. For start-ups, there are different sources available. Sometimes entrepreneurs try to raise funds from external sources such as business angels, investment funds, security issues, etc.... Read More

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