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Any difference in compliance on wage allotment of employees could be challenging for companies

The company might confront with financial issues, and threats of prosecutions, as well as IR issues, might appear. Even little non-compliance may lead to noteworthy damage to brand value.

We being enriched with massive experience, skill, and Pan-India network with strategic methods and applicable technology takes Payroll Compliance Services or PCS to a new high. The prime aim of handling legislation would be handled through the service:

  • 1. The Payment of Wages Act, 1936
  • 2. The Employees' Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952
  • 3. Various State enactments on Professional Tax
  • 4. The Minimum Wages Act, 1948
  • 5. The Employees' State Insurance Act, 1948

Service Highlights

  • 1. Dealing with wage data for creation of contribution challan
  • 2. Digitally enriched on-time timely remittance of statutory contributions
  • 3. Filing up of statutory returns according to statutory timelines
  • 4. Handling effective statutory registers and additional records
  • 5. Compliance as per different ESI subcodes
  • 6. Creation and dissemination of customer targeted flawless data, MIS and statutory documentation
  • 7. Support for the employees in handling applications for obtaining rightful benefits
  • 8. Facilitate networking and continual coordination with different authorities
  • 9. Enrich clients upon effectively handling inspections by authorities.
  • 10. Providing help desk for payroll related compliances
  • 11. Registrations, amendments, and renewals
  • 12. Transfer-in, transfer-out, and settlement of EPF accounts

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  • 1. Flawless handling of wage details for smooth processing
  • 2. Technologically advance for timely maintenance of statutory aspects
  • 3. Complete assistance towards statutory return filing
  • 4. Expertise handling of registers and records
  • 5. Development and giving out of customer focussed unblemished data, MIS, and documentation


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