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A notice to vacate the property is a legal document. It gives legal Notice to the tenants to vacate the leased property. It may be the premises or the whole property; this Notice gives a stipulated time to all the tenants vacate. A landlord/owner of the property may vacate his/her property at a certain time. But before asking the tenant to leave, they have to issue a Notice to vacate. This Notice will include all the reasons for evacuation, as per the rent agreement.

It is essential for all the landlords to provide the Notice in writing. A notice in writing ensures the legal validity of the Notice. Thus, in case of any dispute, a landlord can use this Notice as proof.

Who can use it?

A notice to vacate the property is a legal document that can be used by the landlord to vacate the property. By providing this Notice, a landlord can make his intentions clear to the tenant. This Notice will mention all the valid reasons for vacating the tenants. The landlord of the property can sign this document and send it through registered post. You may also hand-deliver the Notice receive the acknowledgment from the tenant. A written notice to vacate property can be used at the court of law in case of any dispute.

Using the Notice to vacate property

Every landlord who wants his/her property to be vacated needs to send a notice to vacate in writing. The written letter ensures legal validity and can be used in a court of law. The Notice to vacate the rental property is usually printed on plain white paper. This legal document is then signed by tenant and the landlord.

The Notice to Vacate the property can be delivered to the person intended personally or by means of mail. However, it would be best if you provide the Notice through registered post. It helps you ensure that the Notice has reached the intended person. The receipt that you get can also work as evidence in the court of law that you have sent a notice to vacate the property.

Our services

If you want to draft a legal notice to vacate the property, you need experts with long years of experience. You can choose the type of document that you want to draft. Our expert lawyers will help you draft the best legal Notice. We will also provide you a free consultation to understand the importance of the document that you are drafting. Our team also helps you customize the legal Notice as per your business requirement.

So, let us draft your Notice to vacate the property. We will customize it as per your needs!

Document Required

  • Name and address of all parties
  • Detail of Property
  • Any other specific terms

Time Lines

  • (3 to 7 Days)
  • Purchase the Service
  • Upload / send the Documents
  • Discussion with expert
  • Preparation of Draft
  • Confirmation to client


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