Everything you need to know about the Trademark for Amazon sellers

Amazon Seller Centralis a great platform to start your business with. This global market helps you sell your products to customers worldwide; this real business opportunity is what you need. This is because these kinds of businesses need less investment. Further, you dont need a business space; neither needs to advertise for your product. And on the other hand, Amazon is a well-known eCommerce platform that doesnt require any introduction.

So, if you want to start your business, Amazon is a great place, to begin with. There are numerous benefits that Amazon offers you. Some of the significant benefits are it is an FBA business. Once you are up and running, you dont need to worry about it. Further, as these businesses are fulfilled to Amazons customers, you dont have to manage your inventory. So, once your products are launched, it will move on smoothly and need less maintenance as well.

But as the domain of third party selling in Amazon increases, there are certain compliances that every business needs to follow. One such observation is the Amazon brand registry Trademark. The brand registry is also known as trademark registration for Amazon sellers.

So, in this article, you will learn about the most crucial decision that the private label amazon sellers are facing right now.

Problems in operating real businesses

Every great business has some legal admin and financial considerations. And this happens in the case of Amazon as well. One of the recent changes that the businesses in Amazon have witnessed is the Amazon Trademark. As per the program, your business must have a registered trademark status as a brand to enter into Amazon.

What will you get to know?

The word trademark seems to be horrible for many existing sellers on Amazon. This is because it is something new for them. And they have never considered it before. So, this can be quite tedious for all the existing businesses in Amazon. So, here you will learn about:

1. The brand registry argument and why should you have it
Why should you consider entering into amazon as a private labeled seller?
And most essentially, how will your research and apply for the Trademark of your product.
Entering into the realm of brand registry
And last but not least, tips for managing the SKUs and barcodes

Now that you will know about the brand registry, you must know about the trademark registration in India and how it does works.

Trademark in India

The appearance of online Trademark registration in India has evolved its efficiency. This means now there is more transparency in trademark filling. Every application of trademark registration in Indio goes through several stages. These diverse stages of scrutiny decide the future of your trademark registration. So, if you are up for trademark registration in India, here are the brief descriptions about the status information briefly explained for you.

Every Trademark in India is stated invalid after five consecutive years of use. It starts from the date of registration till the date it completes precisely five years. In this article, you will learn about various trademark statuses. And most crucially, you will learn about the steps to incorporate for smooth trademark registration in India.

To register your Trademark, you have to log in to the intellectual property of India. On logging in to this platform, you will spot a link called e-filling of Trademark. You have to fill the type of applicant in the e0filling form and enter your code to start registering. The Trademark public search is accessible inthe government platform of controller general of patent designs and trademarks. On accessing this platform, you can download your PDF file from the official web platform.

Now that you know the government portal to access the status of trademark registration, here are details about Amazons brand registry.

Do you need to register your brand on Amazon?

Many sellers are in doubt whether they should enter into Amazon brand registry India. But if you go into detail, things are fast-shifting in favor of brand registry, and most of the businesses doing their brand registry on Amazon. So, going deep down to the facts, here are some benefits of getting your brand registry.

An essential benefit of the brand registry is protecting your brand hijackers. This is because many sellers on Amazon can your brand name and logo to profit. So, this brand registry works as counterfeit to these hijackers.
On the other hand, the brand registry in Amazon offers you various tools where you can search for intellectual property rights violations.
Besides, it is an effective way to list your product on Amazon. With the brand registry, you can create a good product listing for your business.
Amazon is known for its services. So, it is evident that it will enhance its brand registry services and add new services to it. So, with new features, it would be easier for you to obtain your brand registry.

Based on these benefits, brand registries are practically a requirement for all the brands that are selling on Amazon. So, it would be best if you plan to get your Trademark. For the crucial products that you sell, Trademark is a really essential tool to have.

Trademarks for Amazon sellers

One of the most significant issues that the businesses in Amazon have to deal with is having a trademark, and most sellers are also clueless about the Trademark of a brand. So, this becomes an entirely new territory for them.

Although getting a trademark comes with the value associated with it. But the time behind the process is something that is bothering the seller. So, keeping this in mind, here are some tips for applying for a Trademark as an Amazon seller.

Disclaimer: This content in no way intends to provide any type of legal advice. This is solely for the information to the audience. So, it is recommended to hire a professional to help you in Trademark.

How can you conduct research and apply for the Trademark of your products?

Trademark-A trademark is a symbol that may include a logo or text to distinguish you from other brands.

Things that you need to apply for a trademark

If you want to apply for a trademark, then here are the following that you must have:

You must have a legal business to apply for a Trademark or apply it with your EIN code. This is when you havent yet registered as an LLC or any other business entity.
You must have a logo/mark/symbol that you want to use as your Trademark.
Complete legal name and address of the owner of the business
A copy of the product you are selling; this will help to know how you are exhibiting your product on eCommerce platforms.
The date on which you have started using the logo for your business
The international class that you are planning to use

Coming up with a brand name

If you are applying for your Trademark, you will have to develop a brand name that will represent your business. If you are thinking of a new brand name for your business/ products, here are some tips that will help you out.

Use advanced tools like brand name generators. This will help you come up with unique and new words for your business.
You must pick a trendy name; people would love to spell it out. Be creative and come up with a memorable one. This is because descriptive words are difficult for the Trademark.
Note down all your ideas to create a shortlist
Try consulting your friends or family members.

Most crucially, never be stressed out while thinking about a brand name. It is because you will come up with more innovative ideas when you are calm.

Doing the research

Before you apply for your trademarks, you must be well-versed in the ideas behind the trademark application. Similarly, if you are thinking about your brand name, you should also know whether it is already a registered trademark or not. Checking it before time will save you from future hassles. So, it is relatively easy to search for your Trademark. The Trademark public search is accessible in the government platform of controller general of patent designs and trademarks. On accessing this platform, you can download your PDF file from the official web platform.

Trademark classifications

After finding out whether the brand name you choose is registered earlier or not, the next most essential thing to find out is what international classification your brand name falls under.

For most of you who are new to the terms international classifications, the international categories are also termed as NICE classifications. When you apply for your Trademark, you have to use it under several types of international classifications.

There is a complete list of all the international classes that you can use to know about various classes that are available in international classifications.

Applying for Trademark

Before applying for the Trademark for your business, you must check the availability of the brand name. You can use the government portals or any third party website to do that. But you should thoroughly inspect it. This is because, if the brand name is already present, you will face many hassles, which will slow down the process.

Why do you need a trademark?

Well, to discuss it in-depth, there is no need to get a brand registry in all. But if you are a serious seller on Amazon, you must consider having it. Some sellers might think of it as an extra expense, which is totally understandable. But if you are a big seller, and want your product to be safe from duplicity, then a brand registry is the best option.

Starting with research before launching is always a better idea

If you are up for trademark registration, it is highly recommended to spend some time with yourself. It will help you know what you need. Besides, these are things that you need before applying for the Trademark

1. A brand name, wordmark/ logo that has not been used by any business previously, and if you want to enter Amazon brand registry, you would need to have
2. The brand name, mark/logo that is shown on the product packaging that you sell on Amazon

How can you register a brand on Amazon?

If you want to register a brand on Amazon, below are the steps you need to follow.

Start a new application and answer the questions that appear on the website; you should also ensure that the brand name you enter is as per the trademark certificate that you have obtained.

In the next step, you have to identify the type of Trademark that you have. And then, you have to select your registering office and enter your registration number to move on.

In this process, you will have to upload the product images that you want to sell. If you are already a seller on Amazon, you can use your existing photographs for products.

This is where you get the actual interest. This is the part where you will create your own manufacturer part number; this is a unique identifier that separates you from other businesses in Amazon. Then select the product category under which your product comes. An excellent reason to initiate this is earlier; you may have used a third party bar code to launch. But this time, you will verify with GST barcodes.

Once you complete filling all the relevant data, you just need to click on submit and wait for the process to be completed.

Managing multiple SKUs and barcodes

Every Trademark comes with the extra expense and lengthy duration as the processing time. Most of you must have wanted to optimize the process as much as possible and avoid going through repetitive procedures every time. To avoid such hassles, you must use a generic trademark, make a unique brand name, and most essentially, you must check for the name availability.

Further, you must also register your Trademark in a class that is relevant to your business. This will help you save time and cost.

Brand registry in multiple market place

Suppose you are selling your brand in multiple market places, that is, in global markets, then at the time of filing. You must mention your requirements to the Amazon brand registry trademark page of the US that you want your business trademark to be registered. It includes several marketplaces like India, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, etc.

In conclusion

Now that you know everything about the brand registry and trademark registration Amazon, it would be easier for you to apply and save yourself from hassles. But you must conduct in-depth research before applying for it.

Important: Please note that the information on this page / site is provided as general information for better understanding for the user and does not constitute tax, legal, or other professional advice and must not be used as such. Please consult your professional adviser(s) if you have any questions / doubts regarding the above.

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