FSSAI regulatory for Food enterprises

All the food business enterprises in India need to be compliant with the following FSSAI rules. But before that, they should also get their FSSAI registration from the food authority of India. Once they are done with the enrollment, they must follow the below rules.

FSSAI license

Any individual/entity that indulges itself in the production, manufacturing, transportation, storage, distribution, and packaging of food must obtain their FSSAI registration from the Food Authority of India. This is one of the fundamentals steps in starting any sort of food business. Once you get your FSSAI license/registration, you need to ensure that you are showcasing where you are operating your food business.

Updating of FSSAI

All the food businesses in India must update their FSSAI if they make changes/modifications in their food business operations. Further, once they get their FSSAI updated, they must make sure that no food products other than the mentioned products are being processed/operated by the food business.
If they make any changes, they must get their FSSAI updated. On the other hand, India❜s food authority gives all the permissions to licensing authorities and checks the premises of food operating business to ensure the safety of food products processed.

Employ an educated person

All the food businesses in India must be compliant with one requirement by FSSAI. They have to employ at least one education employee to supervise the process of food production. Further, the employee must have all the technical skills. The FSSAI has also made it clear that the person who will supervise the production must possess a degree in science, chemistry, biochemistry, food, and nutrition science, microbiology, and many more.

Filing the annual return

The food businesses having the FSSAI license have to file their annual return within the prescribed time. If any food business fails to file within the desired time, they will be held liable to pay a fine.

Maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the food processing unit!

All the FSSAI license holders have to follow the below condition while processing food products.
Ensuring the plant❜s sanitary and hygiene/worker❜s hygiene
Providing the daily tracking of production, raw materials, and sales
Maintaining a good standard of raw materials
Do not manufacture any food particle that is exposed to any harmful environment
Regular cleaning of machine used
Testing of all relevant chemicals/non-chemicals timely
Ensuring the temperature required to store food products

Important: Please note that the information on this page / site is provided as general information for better understanding for the user and does not constitute tax, legal, or other professional advice and must not be used as such. Please consult your professional adviser(s) if you have any questions / doubts regarding the above.

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