All about Food Labelling Regulations in India that manufacturers must know

A whole range of food products sold in India packaged before is essential to meet the regulations....

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Announcement of New Food Packaging Regulations in India

As per FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India), there is an announcement related to....

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FSSAI essential guidance for restaurants & Eateries

Restaurant business is not an easy task as it needs to abide by the rules and guidelines set up by....

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FSSAI- Registration VS License

FSSAI govern the registration and licensing of food business in India. It includes the registratio....

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FSSAI regulatory for Food enterprises

All the food business enterprises in India need to be compliant with the following FSSAI rules. Bu....

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Impacts of non-compliance with the FSSAI Act

Are you looking towards starting your own food business or restaurants? If you have planned like....

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Guide for Importers/Exporters regarding License of Agricultural Product

Agriculture and related sectors have witnessed significant growth in recent past. It holds a major....

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Different schemes of Patanjali Franchise, eligibility criteria and other details

Brand Patanjali absolutely needs no introduction. Popularity of the products of the brand has been....

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