Contract Labour Compliance

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Employing Contract Labour is a traditional strategy. Upon introducing latest financial rules, this has become more important

In current scenario as well as in business arena, it is the most preferred aspect. Employers from different domains are dependent upon this workforce for sustaining, and as Principal Employers, they must take superior care upon engaging contractors. Apart from being experts, they must ensure that contractors employed are equally proficient.

Various crucial activities:

  • 1. Payment of basic salaries for contract labours
  • 2. On-time payouts of basic wage, bonus, leave payments, etc
  • 3. Record maintenance, registrations, forms & notices as per different legislations
  • 4. Compliance as per the BOCW Act and ISMA Act
  • 5. Accident concerning compliance for contract workers
  • 6. Retirement or terminal advantage for contract workers
  • 7. Maternity advantages for contract labours
  • 8. Registration & license according to Contract Labour Regulation and Abolition Act
  • 9. Remittances of ESI, EPF & LWF contributions for contract workers

Probable consequences upon not complying with

  • 1. Payment of arrears of contribution with interest
  • 2. Prosecution of the employer or board of director
  • 3. Fine and/or imprisonment
  • 4. Absorption of the contract labours


We offer labour compliance services that can be advantageous for entire stakeholders, including the main employer, contract workers, and the contractor. We are enriched with expertise in employing most proficient workers. Moreover, we hold expertise in offering basic wages, on-time remittance, and offering access to health care to improve life quality and overall enhancement.

Service Highlights

  • 1. Handling of time office
  • 2. Grab license for every effective contractor if useful
  • 3. Handle register for each contractor-, records and returns
  • 4. Make sure about nominal wage payment through strategic processes
  • 5. EPF and ESI contribution along main employer's subcode/contractor's code
  • 6. Handling of advantages as per EPF, ESI, LWF & WC for CL
  • 7. Accident coordination support
  • 8. Obtain Registration Certificate (RC)


  • 1. Smooth processes in engaging contract workers
  • 2. Services enriched with technology for regular on-location compliance and offering data backup
  • 3. Immediate access to knowledge and data across the nation with differences in contract labour engagement
  • 4. Efficacy in labour legislation consultation for decision making at board level
  • 5. Discards the demand for dealing with the contractors for compliance-related aspects
  • 6. Personalized approach for regulation and handling the engagement of contract workers


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