Why GSTR3B Return is important to File?


Every person who has registered for GST must file the return of GSTR-3B including Nil returns. It is basically a monthly self-declaration form that has to be filed by all taxpayers irrespective of the returns.

The following registrants don`t need to file GSTR-3B
Input Service Distributors and Composition Dealers
The suppliers of OIDAR (Online Information Database Access and Retrieval services)
Non-resident taxable person

The details that have to be furnished in the form include:
Details of sales and purchases which have been made by the registered taxpayer.
Liable Input Tax Credit
Liable Tax
Tax Paid

Important: Please note that the information on this page / site is provided as general information for better understanding for the user and does not constitute tax, legal, or other professional advice and must not be used as such. Please consult your professional adviser(s) if you have any questions / doubts regarding the above.


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