Perks of Trademark registration

If you are a business, you must have a unique symbol that distinguishes your products from others. But do you know that every unique symbol, including the brand name, can be copied? Yes! You are reading, right. In this competitive world, it is necessary to protect all your assets. It is because there is a higher chance of copying of trademark. In such cases, Trademark registration is the best way to protect your intellectual property from being copied.

Trademark registration in India is done online in the Trademark India online platform. But before you search trademark for your business, you must know what is trademark? So, this guide will help you comprehend what are trademark and the benefits of trademark registration.

Knowing what is trademark

A trademark of a business is a visual symbol. It may include a word, signature, numeral, heading, label, name, device, or anything created in a certain way to distinguish a brand.

Any business can protect their trademark from being copied. They can register their trademark under the trademark Act. This will help them to recover the profits earned using the trademark. If you are viewing how to apply for trademark, here are some benefits of trademark that you know.

Key benefits of trademark registration

Unique identification

No doubt, if you have a trademark registration, you can distinguish your business from your competition. Trademark helps a business to get uniquely identified by the consumers. Thus, it helps in creating a reputation.

Exclusive rights

By getting your trademark registered, you can get all the rights to use it for your goods and services.

Legal protection

The significance of trademark registration is, it helps in protecting your trademark. You can avoid the chances of infringement. You can also get the right to claim for your trademark.

Global permit

Trademark registration helps all the domestic traders to get exposure to the global market. It is through the international trademark system.

Now that you know all the benefits of trademark registration, you must register your trademark. If you are looking at how to register a trademark, here are the steps.

1-Search for a brand name
2-Make a trademark application
3-File your trademark registration online
4-Submit all the documents required for trademark registration
5-publish it in the trademark journals
6-Obtain your registration certificate.

In conclusion, these were some key benefits of trademark registration. If you are up for trademark registration, you must follow the above steps for application.

Important: Please note that the information on this page / site is provided as general information for better understanding for the user and does not constitute tax, legal, or other professional advice and must not be used as such. Please consult your professional adviser(s) if you have any questions / doubts regarding the above.


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