Basic Startup Compliance Checklist

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Are you thinking of quitting your full-time job and take a plunge by starting your own business? Well, deciding to start a business is not an easy task. If you have adequate knowledge about the business, funds, and required plans, then you can set it on your own risk. A person who has marketing and business development skills can easily reach to the top level. The key rule to start a new business from scratch is to organize and prepare a checklist of compliance for startups in India.

Basic startup compliance and its needs

For the past few years, there is several rising in the development of startups. There are so many startup companies in India that are continuously trying to establish their identity globally. For the growth of your startup business, it is essential to follow startup compliance services with the rules and regulations. You should follow the rules set by the government. You should follow and explore more knowledge on Startup India, which helps people establish a new business.

After registration of your startup company by the ministry of labor and employment needs compliance. To gain more awareness on this, download the compliance calendar for private limited company pdf. When you open a startup, then you can't miss out on the below list of major points.

  • 1- Accounts filling with ROC
  • 2- Statutory Audit
  • 3- Board meetings
  • 4- Annual General meeting
  • 5- Annual return with ROC
  • 6- Director disclosure
  • 7- Filling of financial systems etc.

Annual compliance of a private ltd company

A startup which is turned into a private ltd company should follow various private limited company compliances checklist governed by the various regulatory business. Annual compliance for Pvt ltd company includes maintaining statutory books, accounts, holding board meetings and tax filling, etc. Once you get registered as an Indian company, it is compulsory to abide by the government rules and regulations. There is a list of statutory compliances for companies in India which you should follow while opening a startup.

A startup business that is running as an LLP/private limited company in India has to follow various basic legal compliance in India which are necessary for your business.

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