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Establishing a business in different parts of the globe demands a good knowledge of legal aspects in various rules and regulations. The utilization of resources meant for observance has turned things challenging.

We deliver Consultation and Audit Services concerned with labor legislative aspect that is an essential dimension of corporate administration

Accomplishing consulting regarding labor legislation meant for:

  • 1. Start-up enterprises
  • 2. Termination of business, legal bodies, production houses, offices, mines, etc
  • 3. Changed Business Structures
  • 4. Varying characteristic of industries
  • 5. Mergers & acquisitions

The method comes associated with:

  • 1. Significant audit of a whole range of records concerned with labor for an establishment
  • 2. Determining the status
  • 3. Strategically analyzing the challenges and liabilities
  • 4. Consulting with the experts and presentation focussed around solution for decision making and modification of courses

We offer thoroughly careful audit services that include:

  • 1. Defining the opportunities
  • 2. Conducting discussion prior audit and about demands
  • 3. Comprehensive report
  • 4. Extensive analysis
  • 5. Presenting the audit report
  • 6. Communicating for modification of courses
  • 7. A thorough audit of records

We do conduct

  • 1. Labour Law Compliance
  • 2. Audit of Labour Law
  • 3. Shop & Establishment Compliance
  • 4. Consulting for Labour Law
  • 5. Consulting for Salaries or Payouts
  • 6. Compliance for EPF & ESI
  • 7. Maintaining Labour Law Statutory Record
  • 8. Factories Act compliance
  • 9. Labour Law Registrations
  • 10. Compliance of offices
  • 11. Payroll compliance


  • 1. Being globally reckoned, we ensure utmost accomplishment regarding legislative needs meeting global standard
  • 2. No worries about the possible issues due to varying legislation and standards
  • 3. Complete support for validation and policy improvement aspects and protocols for strategic management and performance improvement.
  • 4. Reviewing and evaluation of performances against present best practices or acknowledged norms
  • 5. Complete assistance towards planning and enhancing performance


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